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Role of GABARAP and ATG9 in the cellular adaptation to altered lipid metabolism and membrane trafficking


Based on previous findings, in this project, employing human cell lines and C. elegans, we will decipher functional roles of autophagy network factors upon adaptation to altered lipid metabolism and trafficking. We will focus on the molecular mechanisms and phospho-regulations of ATG9A as well as ATG2B and elucidate novel autophagy proteins modulating lipid homeostasis.



Altered lipid homeostasis and ATG9A trafficking in RAB18 KO cells. (A) Staining of liquid droplets (LDs) using BODIPY493/503, Tubulin α (cytosol), and DAPI. (B) Evaluation of LD number and size in Hela WT and RAB18 KO cells. (C) TEM image of LDs. (D) Cellular distribution of mCherry::ATG9A in WT, starved WT, and RAB18 KO cells (Figure adapted from Bekbulat et al., 2020).

Principal Investigators

Institute for Pathobiochemistry
Duesbergweg 6
55128 Mainz
Phone: 49 6131 39-23185


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