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CRC 1177 and ENABLE IRTG retreat

PhD candidates and Postdocs of the two consortia ENABLE and CRC 1177 met in Koblenz this week to present and discuss their research results on cellular homeostasis, infection, inflammation and autophagy. The scientific program was flanked by the workshops “Motherhood in science”, given by Dr. Lena Eckert – Netzwerk Motherhood and Science, and “Job entry and career path in industry” by Dr. Lisa Steinhauser, and rounded off by evening activities such as the hike to and visit of Fort Ehrenbreitstein during sunset. IRTG members Anshu Khatri (Dötsch lab), Pascale Henning-Domres (Kern lab) and Ramya Lakshmana Iyer (Bremm lab) took over the organization of the retreat in addition to their responsibilities as PhD candidates. Many thanks for the inspiring and well organized networking event!


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