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Molecular analysis of physiological and BPAN-related WIPI4 functions


Mutations in WDR45, the gene encoding WIPI4 are causative for beta-propeller associated neurodegeneration (BPAN), a human disorder resulting from high iron accumulation in the brain. This project builds on the original observation that WIPI4 is involved in lysosomal ferritin degradation, including selective ferritinophagy. To decipher the role of mutant WIPI4 in BPAN, this project will define the molecular function of WIPI4 in ferritinophagy and other types lysosomal ferritin degradation.

prof. dr. christian behrends

Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology (SyNergy)

Faculty of Medicine

LMU München

Feodor-Lynen Strasse 17

81377 München


Office: +49 89 4400-46509


PROF. DR. Tassula Proikas-Cezanne

Interfakultäres Insttitut für Zellbiologie

EKU Tübingen

Auf der Morgenstelle 15

72076 Tübingen

Office: +49 7071 29 78898

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